We know Tokyo

To really know Tokyo and be able to guide visitors to the city’s best and brightest sites and events, you have to be local. In the old days, locals were called Edo-ko (children of Tokyo) and after 20 years* of continuous coverage and Number One positioning in this amazing metropolis, we believe we have earned that rank. Read More
Today, Metropolis is Tokyo’s (and indeed Japan’s) No.1 English lifestyle magazine—and Japan Partnership is the publisher. We have the largest distribution, the largest readership and the largest advertiser base for an English-language periodical in Japan. Metropolis and its sister publications and services are a key source of lifestyle information for foreign residents, tourists and internationally minded Japanese citizens. As a community hub, our media presents a multitude of lifestyle scenes in Tokyo and Japan. No other local media offers this much wealth of information on living in Japan. Both in print and online, we are a must-have communication partner for foreigners and Japanese consumers interested in the foreign lifestyle.

In September 2013, Tokyo was announced the winning candidate to host the 2020 Olympics. Now Japan Partnership is building a set of services and media dedicated to visitors arriving from all over the world in the lead up to the Tokyo Olympics. Like other Edo-ko, we are proud to show off our wonderful city, helping our guests find the best places to go, the most exciting events to be part of, and truly memorable products and services to take home as souvenirs.

* Interesting fact: The age of Adulthood in Japan is 20.

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