Contract Print Media

Building on its regular print magazine, Japan Partnership is able to provide contract publishing to corporations and organizations looking to create professional-looking documents for either internal or external audiences. We can handle anything from brochure-type flyers up to complex 84-page magazines in either English, Japanese or Portuguese. The service can be confined to layout and design or expanded to include editorial, printing, distribution, online versions, mobile presentation and more.


Website Development

No communications strategy is complete without a solid web presence, and while WordPress makes CMS easy, it takes a professional designer and knowledgeable content providers to elevate a website from a brochure to a site people will return to. Our web platform includes WordPress, Drupal, Twitter Bootstrap, payment gateways and customer PHP and MySQL software development.


Print Marketing


Web is king, but print still works. We can create and distribute flyers and brochures to both consumer and professional audiences. Our printing prices are competitive, with rush turnarounds available on request. Our speciality is 4-, 8- and 12-page brochures in English and Japanese.


Web Marketing

We engage in significant market activities of our own and have the expertise needed to promote your product or service both in English and Japanese. We take a consultative approach, doing a review of objectives with your marketing team, then creating a strategy and execution proposal to customer writing match. Our web marketing services include social media stimulation/response, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing to the foreign community, affiliate marketing campaigns and traditional media banners/content campaigns.


Language Services

Although Metropolis is printed in English, Japan Partnership can offer a broad range of language support, including English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Thai, French and German with other languages on request. Our languages services include translation, copy writing, interpreting (for events), MC’ing at events, voice work and more.



A major plus for Japan Partnership is its expertise in events production. We have been running major events, such as the Halloween- or Valentine’s Day-themed based Glitterball events and our Saiko live music showcase for more than ten years and have experience in attracting and managing international crowds of between 100 and 2,000 people. We are particularly suited to produce events requiring a stage show or band, and have a broad range of talent contacts at our disposal. We can also prepare and man customer booths at trade shows and other public gatherings.


Market Research and Mystery Shopping

We do market research both online and offline, through template-based surveys, street interviews, focus groups, giveaway campaigns, trade exhibit-based booth events, email campaigns and more for clients interested in the Japanese market. We cater to both off-shore and on-shore organizations. We have access to over 600,000 online panelists who can assess foreign products not yet approved or sold in Japan. We believe we are the first to offer the testing of products matching Japanese buyers with international sellers in two different languages.
We also have mystery shoppers (both Japanese and foreign) available for internet and purchasing an essay online real-world research. We feel it is especially necessary for Japanese companies to understand the foreign shopper’s experience, so that they can learn how to treat foreigners well in the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Other Services

If it requires talented, multicultural, multilingual support, we might be interested in working on your project. Please let us know if you have any unique requests and a need for a flexible partner to execute your plan.